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Making Social Media Work For You!

Small businesses are so great! They each have their own focus, unique to them, and very different from the one down the street! Thankfully, social media can be tailored to you, your business, and needs! So, how can you do that? Here are some quick ideas!

  1.  Maintain a Facebook Page – you’ll notice that I didn’t simply say “have a Facebook page” because the key is maintaining one.  Not only do you need to have it, you need to post to it, update it, and interact with people on a regular basis.  Simply having a page will do you no favors!
  2. Use Instagram   – People love pictures.  People connect to pictures, it’s a proven fact!  Therefore, if you own a small business, connect with your customers and consumers with Instagram!
  3. Be Real in Social Media – Remember that you are a person behind your business.  Don’t sell with every post, find ways to connect to your customers on a personal level.
    Source: www.bbb.org

    Source: www.bbb.org

  4. Work With Bloggers – This can look different depending on your business.  Maybe you have a blog specifically for your business (Check out Jane Fischer’s Fischer’s Finds)  that features your business and other items of interest to you!  You can also work with professional bloggers.  They will visit your business and then write about their experience and share on Social Media (Check out donnahup.com’s visit to Villaggio Grille)!
  5. Hire Someone – everyone has strengths and not everyone’s are focusing on working social media for their business.  A lot of small business owners are already stretched thin as it is and don’t have time to take on any other responsibilities.  Therefore, you need to know when to hire things out so that you can optimize your time and have social media work for your business.

Not sure how to use Social Media to benefit your business?  Not sure what your business needs?  Working with a social media consultant can help you figure out your needs and wants!

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