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Keeping Your Business Relevant in Today’s Changing World

As a small business owner change is inevitable.  The change may be in your staff, your marketing plan, or even your store set-up and location.  Change is a part of our lives and it seems to be happening faster and more often than ever before.  As a small business owner you have to constantly be on your toes with the ever changing trends!  Here are a few tips to help you focus on how to keep your business relevant in today’s world.

Identify Your Audience – Do you know who the audience of your business is?  Is it teens, 20 something females, middle-age or retired men?  Whoever your audience is, it is important find ways to reach them!  If you aren’t a member of your target audience, talk to them, find out where and how they learn about businesses similar to yours.  Make sure you’re following the trend!

Try Something New – Probably the scariest thing about owning a business is trying something new, not knowing if it will succeed or fail!  However, you can never advance yourself if you don’t try something new!  So, maybe something new is going to be starting an Instagram account for your business or doing a video on your Facebook page!  It might even be selling your merchandise online!  Whatever it is, take a leap of faith and give it a try!  You won’t know if you’ll succeed until you try!

Ask For Help – As a small business owner you are stretched thin…you have your hands full with just keeping your store open and staffed!  Now, is the time to ask for help!  Whether you ask your staff to help you achieve your goals or hire someone from the outside, it is ok (and encouraged) to ask for help!  Everyone can’t have a strength in every aspect of life, so finding someone who can bring strengths to your business to help you grow is a definite MUST!

Owning your own business can be stressful, time consuming, awesome, and the best experience of your life!  Simple steps can keep you relevant in today’s world!  Good luck!  I can’t wait to hear all your success stories!

Not sure how to identify your target audience?  Scared to try something new or not even know where to start? Contact Katy, she’s available to help with all of these areas! 

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