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Instagram for Business

Instagram.  Are you familiar with it? Did you know that it could help your business tremendously?  Businesses all over have started using Instagram to further their business, so are you ready to jump on board?  Here is why you should consider it!

Everyone Loves Photos –  As I’ve become an adult, I’ve always thought that every recipe book should have pictures in it.  Everyone wants to know what the recipe is going to look like when you’re done preparing it.  When you’re scrolling through a Facebook or Twitter feed, if you’re like me, you look for pictures.   You see a picture of a pair of shoes you like and you literally give it a “like”.  Same thing with a meal from a restaurant because they are what catch your eye. Instagram’s platform is simply pictures, so it’s an easy way to get photos of your products or services in front of your customers!  instagram

Facebook Algorithms – Facebook uses algorithms (equations) to put pictures, videos, and posts into it’s users feeds.  Because of this there are times that you may or may not get the “exposure” of your posts to your customers that you are wanting.  This is why it’s always good to be using a second platform to promote your business and Instagram is great for being that 2nd platform!

Instagram is Easy – We’re a society that takes lots of pictures of everything!  Why not turn that into a money maker for you!  If you own a retail shop, it’s easy to walk around and snap photos of your products.  If you work with clients, you can capture the moments with them via the camera.  Either way, it’s easy to capture a photo and then upload it or use the app itself to capture a moment and post it to your profile!

Hashtags – Hashtags are searchable on Instagram (on all Social Media platforms actually) and so if someone is looking for shoes, they can search #shoes.  This will then show them all the posts that used that hashtag.  If you post a picture of shoes available for purchase at your business, it will appear (as long as you use the hashtag) and that can increase your customer flow, which in turn increases your bottom dollar!

Want to know more?  Here are some of my favorite Instagram business accounts, check them out:

Just like learning Facebook, Twitter, etc. there is a learning curve, but the curve for Instagram is relatively low!  It’s easy to use and follow along!  How could you use Instagram for your business?  Do you have an Instagram account for your business?  I’d love to follow along, so feel free to leave your handle in the comments!  I can’t wait to see great things being accomplished with Instagram!

Feeling intimidated by another platform you have to learn?  I can help!  Let’s talk!  

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