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Friday in Franklin Co: Healing Hands Massage

Friday in Franklin

I love sharing what I believe are the best kept secrets of businesses in Franklin County! One of those is this weeks’ feature, Healing Hands Massage and Kim Reicherts!

But, before I get to that I want to let you know that between both of my blogs and thanks to those who commented and who participated and helped out! During the month of May, we raised a total of $18.50 to donate to Laura & the MS Walk!  Thank you to everyone 

Now, on to Kim and her Healing Hands Massage! 😉  No, really…they are healing hands!  Kim owns Healing Hands Massage in her home in Sheffield and I’ve been going to Kim for massage therapy for over a year now!  How did she get started 6 years ago?  Well, she has personal health problems and found a lot of relief from massage and myofascial release, which is a therapy that treats the connecting tissue restrictions in the body to eliminate pain and restore motion!  She found so much relief in it that she wanted to share it with others (and having experienced it…it’s great!)


Kim R owner of Healing Hands Massage!

Kim R owner of Healing Hands Massage!

Not only does Kim provide massage therapy, she also sells Stillpoint Inducer, which eliminates headaches, and BioFreeze which is cryotherapy (cold treatment) to reduce swelling of muscles and eliminate pain after massage therapy or myofascial release/aqua stretch.

When I asked Kim what would surprise people about her business, she said that she has built her client base strictly by word of mouth.  She has never paid for advertisement!  That is amazing and says something about her skills!

Kim’s massage room is in her home, which she loves because she is her own boss, can regulate her own hours, and can make time for family and friends as she needs and wants.  She loves owning a business in Sheffield because it’s a small community where she grew up and so many residents support her, which is a huge blessing she says.  Without them and their support throughout the years, she couldn’t’ have done it!  Not only does she get support from Sheffield but from all the surrounding small towns in Franklin County and she has met so many great people.  She thoroughly enjoys that and appreciates their support.

When asked what her hopes and dreams are for her business, she said that she wants to help as many people as possible achieve health and wellness.  It is so rewarding to see people overcome pain that she wants to continue on for a long time!  She accepts clients Monday through Friday by appointment only!

Get in touch with Kim and schedule your massage! (641-892-1060 or email her at kimhealinghands@yahoo.com) You won’t be sorry that you did…and tell her Katy sent you!  😉

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