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Friday in Franklin County: The Wood Cellar

Friday in Franklin

I have a confession to make! I’m addicted! I’m addicted to the decor from The Wood Cellar in Hampton! It’s the truth, my husband is pretty positive that I own stock in their business, and I always ask for gift certificates to the store (or the Orange Possum) for gifts! Whew, I feel better admitting that outloud! 😉

The Wood Cellar is a main street staple in Hampton.  November of 1990 is when Guyla Pohlman and her husband opened their doors!  Originally they were vendors at craft shows with their handmade furniture and people were constantly asking them if they had a shop!  Well, that is the beginning and 26 years later…the rest is history!

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So, what can customers find in their store?  You can find home decor for any room including room size rugs, pictures, clocks, candles, wine, and vintage and antique items!  Most noteworthy may be the furniture that is made in the cellar by the feller (Guyla’s husband)!    Another great feature is they help customers decorate, give ideas for an empty wall, or filling a pot or vase!  And I speak from personal experience when I say they are fantastic at this.  I recently went in with a wall in our home that I was not happy with and within minutes, a plan was formed and items were purchased and it all has come together!

What are the most popular items in the store?  Guyla says shelves and furniture top the list, but it also includes battery operated candles, board pictures, and candle melts for warmers!  What surprises people the most about the Wood Cellar?  Well, Guyla gave birth to their son only 2 WEEKS after opening the store!!  Can anyone say bad timing?! LOL! Consequently, he was raised going to the store with Guyla!

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The store has come a long way and Guyla remembers how empty the store used to be compared to it’s state now!  She used about half the store and carried a lot of consignment items!  Now, she dreams of having more space to expand and be able to display larger pieces and give more ideas!  As a result of their growing, customers are amazed at how much they have in a small space!

What’s the best part of owning a business in Hampton and Franklin County?  Probably what she loves the most is being able to work with and see many familiar faces!  She loves helping people she knows and meeting new ones as well.  They also love bringing in people from other communities and counties!

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You need to plan a visit to the Wood Cellar.  Their hours are Monday through Friday 9:30AM to 5:00PM and Saturday 9:30AM-4:00PM.  I know you won’t regret a stop and I’m sure you’ll find a treasure to take home!  And remember to tell them Katy sent you!

Remember that feature about the Orange Possum?  Kelsey is Guyla’s daughter!  They obviously know a little something about running a business! 

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