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Friday in Franklin County: West Fork Wharf

Friday in Franklin

Remember how I said I love the town I work in? That love affair doesn’t stop with Forever Yours, Healing Hands, Jaspersen’s or Timeless Treasure either!  (Are you sensing a theme??)  It extends to the West Fork Wharf and owners Bob & Kim Jensen!  If you haven’t visited the West Fork Wharf yet, you need to put it on your to do list, but do it immediately!  I find myself actually craving the Wharf!  My 12yo step-son says randomly, “it’s too bad we can’t go to the Wharf tonight!”  He loves the cheese and onion personal pizza he gets!  I love the cheese curds, ranch dressing, propeller fries, and the wings, and….

Well, I think you get the point!

Wharf 5

Bob and Kim opened the West Fork Wharf because they saw an opportunity.  They have lived in and traveled extensively throughout many areas of the midwest, but North Iowa is where they wanted to be.  They have always had dreams of owning their own business, so it became clear to them!  They have been business owners most of their lives and were so impressed by the direction of the area and the entire West Fork Nation (West Fork is the name of the school district, which includes the towns of Sheffield, Chapin, Meservey, Thornton, Rockwell, Swaledale, and Dougherty) and decided to open the Wharf!1

So, what can you get at the Wharf?  They have a full menu of sandwiches, entrees, pizzas, and appetizers!  Their sandwiches are named after the towns in the school district, which puts a unique spin on their menu!  The meals that are coming out of their kitchen are outstanding.  They receive endless compliments about the quality of their food! (And I’m not surprised by this!)  They start with the best products available and enhance them in preparation!  When they began planning their business, they had three points they wanted to emphasize:  good food; good staff; and a clean, casual, fun atmosphere.  Speaking from first hand experience…Bob & Kim achieved all of this!  Actually, they achieved outstanding food, exceptional service, and an amazing, unique atmosphere!

Wharf 2

What continues to surprise the Jensen’s about owning the Wharf?  That would be the amount of product they go through and how far their guests will travel to spend time at their restaurant!  They frequently have guests that travel more than an hour just to eat the Wharf and spend time with them!  They treasure that and never take it for granted!!

Wharf 3

What is the most rewarding thing about owning a small business in Sheffield and in Franklin County and the entire West Fork Nation?  Bob says that if they do a good job, people will support them.  If for some reason, a guest has a concern about something and they let the staff know; Bob, Kim, and their entire staff (which are all top notch) will do everything they can to correct it and in turn, people give them another chance!  Bob says customers are forgiving and understanding as long as they know that they will do their part to satisfy their needs, and he and his staff will do everything they can to do just that!

Wharf 4

When I asked Bob what their hopes and dreams for the West Fork Wharf was, he told me that for the most part they have fulfilled their dreams and goals.  He said part of owning a business is adjusting your plans as the times change!  They are providing a quality experience at the West Fork Wharf and they feel as though they’ve enhanced the community!  I, for one, couldn’t agree more!  They have added something to this community that is indescribable.  As the years pass Bob says things change and some are out of their control, so they change their goals and dreams, and adjust their plans.  They are committed to continuing to do that to the best of their ability!


Ready to visit yet?  The West Fork Wharf is open Tuesday through Saturday.  On those days, the lounge opens at 4PM and the kitchen starts cooking at 5PM.  The kitchen closes at 9:30 and Bob says that the lounge closes when everyone is gone (or 2AM, whichever comes first)!!  Stop by and grab one of everything off the menu, you won’t be disappointed and make sure to tell them Katy sent you!

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