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Friday in Franklin County: Pakoda’s Steakhouse

Friday in Franklin

Pakoda’s Steakhouse holds a special place in my heart!  Back in my single days, I worked part-time there (for over three years!)  I spent quite a lot of time with owner Lisa Sliter and her crew and I still love visiting for a good bite to eat!  Lisa not only owns Pakodas’, but owned Honk & Holler Diner.  The diner was right next door for several years before a horrible fire a little over a year ago.  Shortly after that, Lisa decided to combine both restaurants into one!

pakodas 1

Cooking has always been in Lisa’s blood as both of her parents loved to cook.  Her father had 2 restaurants, so it was natural for her to open one in Hampton!  Lisa first became well-known in the community for her tacos and other Mexican food!  She has owned her restaurants since June 16th, 2000 and loved it ever since.   With Pakoda’s (named after her two children Paul & Dakota), she went with an old Hollywood theme.  You will see this not only in her decor, but also in the name of the items on the menu!

pakodas 4


So, what kind of food will you find at Pakoda’s Steakhouse?  Amazing salads (go for the Greta Garbo Chicken Salad), steaks (my favorite is the Filet Mignon), pasta, seafood, and burgers (the Bogart’s bacon cheeseburger is amazing).  Thanks to Lisa combining her restaurants, you can also now get Mexican, wraps and different sandwiches.  Along with malts, pie, and more!  She has a full-bar and also caters and hosts wedding receptions, Christmas parties, and class reunions.  Lisa’s favorite items on the menu are the Filet Mignon and the Smothered Chimichanga (she loves the homemade gravy green chili sauce)!

When I asked Lisa what was one thing was that would surprise people about her restaurant she said that it is definitely the variety on the menu as there is something for everyone.  She also said the inside of the restaurant itself.  From the outside it may not look like much, but step inside and you’re greeted by warmth and it’s eclectic decor is bound to make everyone feel welcome!

pakodas 3

The most popular items on her menu are their Ribeyes, the Handmade burgers, and their Mexican Food!  Personally, I think everyone needs to stop on a Tuesday for Taco Tuesday (Buy 1, get 1 Free), enjoy a Quesadilla salad (with Lisa’s homemade quesadilla sauce), and a hot beef on Wednesday!  (Plus everything I’ve already mentioned!)  Oh, and don’t forget the Chicken Panini!

Chicken Panini with fries from Pakoda's Steakhouse!

Chicken Panini with fries from Pakoda’s Steakhouse!

She said the best part of owning her own her own business is meeting new people.  She also loves hearing the compliments about how beautiful the restaurant is and how awesome the food is!  Her #1 hope and dream is continue her business for many more years to come and see local people support the businesses that we have here.

Pakoda’s Steakhouse/Honk & Holler Diner is open the following hours: Monday-Thursday 11AM-2PM, 4PM-9PM; Fridays 11AM-2PM, 4PM-10PM, and Saturdays 5PM-10PM.  Stop by, give them a try (you won’t be sorry) and make sure to tell them Katy sent you!

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3 thoughts on “Friday in Franklin County: Pakoda’s Steakhouse

  1. Jeni F. says:

    Loved the meal we all got to enjoy here. Still think about the walleye and potatoes. And awesome ranch dressing:)

    1. Katy F. says:

      Yes! You named more of my favorites!! Lol!

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