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Friday in Franklin County: Jennifer Gruelke Studio

Friday in Franklin

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s Friday in Franklin County business…probably because I spend time there every Tuesday & Wednesday morning at 5:30AM!  I’m so happy to introduce you to Jennifer Gruelke, owner of Jennifer Gruelke Studio!wp-1463104253259.jpg

Jennifer moved to Franklin County 17 years ago to be near her now husband Butch.  Since being here she has worked a variety of business jobs in Hampton and she has had the honor of meeting and working with dedicated and hard-working individuals.  Now, in addition to running the Studio, she and Butch own and operate Butch Gruelke Auto Body and they continue to raise their son and family in the area.

Jennifer opened her studio in Hampton in November of 2015 with the focus of overall health and wellness.  Right now she offers group fitness classes as well as different programming.  She offers Anything Goes Fitness, PiYo, Online Workout Group, POUND, and Yoga with a variety of instructions and class times.    She also hopes to include a greater variety of group fitness classes as well as nutrition education, wellness coaching, fitness coaching, and nutrition coaching.  She is also offering a Pounds Away program this coming fall as an 8-week weight loss challenge.wp-1463104248716.jpg

Jennifer decided to open her studio after really developing a passion for overall health and wellness about two years ago.  She attended a variety of fitness certifications and become a certified fitness instructor.  After that she determined she wanted more than just exercise to be her focus and became a certified health and wellness coach.  Her goal is to provide a place for overall health and wellness coaching to help people understand exercise, nutrition and overall wellness balance.

What are Jennifer’s goals for the future?  She wants to expand the class options to meet the fitness needs in the community/county, based on the support and involvement of participants.  And ultimately she would love to have a go-to health and wellness studio with not only classes, but also healthy and wellness products and services.

(Check out this brief video of Jennifer teaching POUND class yesterday morning!)

So, what does Jennifer like most about owning a business (or two) in Hampton?  The support of the people.  Between participating in classes or just being verbally supportive, it’s great!  She said people are quite curious about what is going on and talking about it and offering feedback so she can figure out which direction she needs to go and what to focus on.  She says it’s not easy to get a small business going and there are pains and gains, but the encouragement is great and helps her to keep pushing forward to follow her passions.  She also loves the fact that her studio attendees are not restricted to just Hampton.  She has attendees from all over Franklin County and loves that.  She says she has ones that come from Dumont, Sheffield, Latimer, and more!  She loves that people are coming together from all over the county connecting together with the same goals.  She feels that is really enhances relationships within the county and communities, which overflows into workplaces, churches, volunteer organizations, and schools.


On a personal level, I’ve found so much joy and satisfaction from taking Jennifer’s POUND class.  The workout is an awesome one, but the camaraderie of the group is amazing plus Jennifer is such a great coach, always encouraging to pound a little harder or squat deeper to make a better workout for ourselves!!!  If you haven’t checked her or her studio out, I strongly encourage you to do so and make sure to follow along with her on Facebook becasue additional programs will be added to the line-up soon!  And as Jennifer says, “Invest in your Climb!”

Connect with Jennifer on the WEB or FACEBOOK!


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