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Friday in Franklin County: Breadeaux Pizza

Friday in Franklin

You know those places that evoke emotions and memories?  Well, Breadeaux Pizza in Hampton (Franklin County) is one of those places for me!  In high school, Breadeaux was the place we all landed after basketball games, concerts, etc.  Whether it be for pizza, cheese sticks, or ice cream. it was our home away from home.  There was also the time period that I went though the baked pasta phase too…the cheese tortellini…YUM!  While Breadeaux itself has changed owners several times during it’s existence in Hampton…it’s been a staple now for over 20 years.  Now, owner Chris Nee epitomizes family business!

Breadeaux 2

Chris has always dreamed of have owning her own business and she wanted a place in Hampton that was family friendly and kids would be able to hang out.  Originally, she had wanted to purchase the old bowling alley in Hampton a put a restaurant there, but when she heard that previous owner, Lisa (see Pakoda’s Steakhouse) was interested in selling, she knew it would be simpler on her wallet and her time!  She opened Breadeaux under her ownership on July 5th, 2010.

Breadeaux is a clean, family friendly atmosphere that supports the entire community!

Breadeaux is a clean, family friendly atmosphere that supports the entire community!

So, what can you get to eat at Breadeaux Pizza?  Well, obviously an array of pizza, but you can also enjoy pasta, salad, potatoes, desserts (brownie bite and cinnamon sticks), and ice cream.  They also pride themselves on offering great customer service and they hope that when you leave you felt like you and your business mattered to them!  When I worked on main street in Hampton, I often grabbed lunch from Chris and the girls. It was never at normal lunch time, but they always took great care of me. I always have felt important and they always give special care to each customer!

Breadeaux Pizza and Blue Bunny Ice Cream is a great combo!

Breadeaux Pizza and Blue Bunny Ice Cream is a great combo!

What would surprise people about Breadeaux Pizza?  Chris says people are always surprised at the variety of options they offer.  They are also surprised at how good their crust (and pizza) really are!  It’s so good, that one of her daughter’s friends, who is from the upper-west side of New York City, says that aside from deep dish New York pizza…Breadeaux is her favorite!  She says that a lot of people drive from out of town because people like their pizza so much!

What is the most popular item on their menu?  She says it’s a tie between their boneless wings and the cheese sticks!  Oh, those cheese sticks are amazing!  The gals at work and I would split an order of them frequently!  You must also get a side of their homemade ranch dressing!  It’s delicious!

Chris says the best thing about owning a business in Hampton is the small-town feel of knowing a lot of their customers.  But, she also loves getting the opportunity get to know them well!  Some of their customers are like family.  They enjoy sitting down with them and visiting or eating with them if it’s their supper break!  They enjoy staying up to date on their lives!  Speaking from personal experience, everyone is so easy-going and friendly, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve known them forever!

She loves owning a business on main street in Hampton and within Franklin County because they get to participate in community events like the Wine Walk, Summerfest, and Grand Festival!

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to catch all their specials too!  I hope you’ll call and grab a pizza to go or stop in and visit with Chris and her crew!  I know you won’t be disappointed!  They are open seven days a week from 4-9PM and don’t forget to tell them Katy sent you!


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