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Facebook Group or Page for Direct Sales??

You’re in business! You’ve got a brick and mortar store or have just decided to start selling for a direct sales company! You’re very excited to start spreading the word…now, to get a presence on Facebook, right? The number one rule is to not flood your personal feed with your business!! (See THIS post if you’re curious about why!) That’s great and I commend you for getting out there. But, do you start a Facebook page or a group?? It’s all so overwhelming!! To help you succeed and not lose any friends or family, or even business in the meantime, I’ve created a couple lists for you to consider when choosing a Facebook page or a group!!

Facebook Pages:

  • Business pages are “public” and completely searchable.  Anyone can “like” your page!
  • Posts by business pages are placed into Facebook feeds using Facebook’s algorithm.  The more someone interacts (like’s, comments, shares) your posts, the more they will see them in their Facebook feed.
  • Pages can be tagged in posts allowing for more exposure.
  • You can “invite” people to “like” your business page.
  • You can schedule posts to your page, but not all “fans” may see all posts.
  • You can create vents for your business via your page.
  • You must analyze your posts and the posting time to get the most “exposure” for your business.


Facebook Groups:  

  • Groups can be public or private.  Having a private group allows for special sales and offers that cannot be offered  publicly.
  • You cannot schedule posts in a group, however anyone who visits your group will see all posts..not just ones Facebook places in their feed. Plus, it’s easier for people to go back and “catch-up” on posts, conversations, etc.
  • People have to be added or request to join groups.  However, DO NOT automatically add people to your group unless you can say with 100% certainty that they want to be there.  Secondly, if they are added, they can remove themselves, DO NOT re-add them.  They left for a reason.  A better approach is to let people know via message or a personal Facebook post that you’ve created a group for your sales and have them let you know if they want to be added.
  • You can create events for your group via your group!
  • Groups may be tagged if they are public groups.

Both platforms within Facebook are fantastic for businesses and they each have their “place”.  For me, I think Pages are great if you have a brick & mortar type of business or something that you would want people to easily find within Facebook.  In direct sales?  I tend to lean towards groups anymore unless you’re going to be very faithful with your posting.  Not sure which route you should go?  Let’s talk!  I’d love to help get you on the right foot for your business, no matter what it is!

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