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The Do’s & Dont’s of Social Media And Business

Social Media and business is ever changing, developing, and advancing! It can be hard to keep up, know the right from wrong, AND run your actual business all at once. So, I have developed this short list of some simple Do’s and Dont’s for business owners where social media is concerned!  Without further adieu….

DO Be Consistent – almost all social media platforms use algorithms to decide what content to place in front of it’s users.  Because of this, it’s more important to be consistent with your posting!  At a minimum, one post a day for Facebook and 3-4 for Twitter!  Instagram users, I would recommend 1-2 a day as well!  Being consistent and a posting frequently will help ensure that your followers see your content!

DON’T Post Personal Things – just as you need to keep your business off your personal profile, you need to keep your personal things off your business profile.  Posting personal things make you appear unprofessional and really, who wants to do business with someone who isn’t professional?  Keep personal and business separate!

DO engage your followers:  Asking questions, opinions, etc is a great way to engage your followers.  Make sure the question is related to your business!  Check out this awesome example from Jennifer Gruelke Studio:


Due to one simple question, she increased the interaction on her page AND those followers are more guaranteed to see her posts as well (another part of the algorithms).  So, while you want to engage your followers, DON’T ask them to share something advertising your page or business!  That’s not fair, they aren’t your marketing team!  You want them to share because they love your business, not because you asked them too!

DO NOT Air Dirty Laundry – maybe a customer recently had a bad experience at your business..or you had an employee go bad.  These things have no place on social media.  There is nothing about putting that stuff out on social media that will make your business look good.  Handle those things behind closed doors, no matter how much you want people to know “the truth”!

DO Help Promote Businesses Around You – especially in small communities, if one business succeeds, most all others succeed!  That being said, share and engage those businesses around you!  Work together as a social media marketing team to promote each other!

Sometimes social media and business can be daunting, but with these few simple do’s and don’ts, you can use social media to further your business.

2 thoughts on “The Do’s & Dont’s of Social Media And Business

  1. Great list! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. Katy F. says:

      Thank you!! I see a lot of great and bad things each day!!

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