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Being Social on Social Media

It became clear to me recently over on my other blog Facebook page, Flint & Co, that being social on social media is key for success!  Unfortunately, so many aspects of social media have taken a turn for the worse.  Between bullying, illegal contests, and multiple paragraph posts things continue to take a downward spiral!

I love this quote because it is so true!  As a business using social media, you can provide quality engagement with your followers regardless of how many dollars in sales your company does or how big you are!

So, how can you succeed at being social on social media?  Here are a few tips and things to consider when posting on social media!

Preaching is Not Social

Social Media is not the place for paragraph after paragraph of information!  It just comes across as preaching!  If you’re running a business page, followers are looking for fun, interactive posts, not multiple paragraphs to read!  Do you have a lot of information to get out to your followers?  Break the information up into several shorter posts!  Same content, different delivery makes all the difference in the world.

Engaging Posts

When you are considering what you’re going to post, stop and ask yourself if it is engaging your audience.  What is your “call to action”?  Are you asking them their opinion about something?  Maybe you’re asking them to vote on a favorite floral bouquet?  Whatever you are posting, keep working it over until it contains a “call to action”.

Recently, I created a simple post asking if people were excited about egg nog season!  A simple question, a simple picture created a lot of engagement from my followers!


React and Engage

It’s one thing to post an engaging post with a call to action and it’s another to do so and then interact with your followers when they engage.  When a follower leaves a comment, a question, or sends a message make sure to engage with them!  Respond to their comments, ask follow-up questions, etc!  For me, the engagement on the egg nog post from the followers was my favorite part of it!  My followers are the best and engaging with them is my favorite!  Your followers want to know that you are a real person and engaging with your followers is an easy way to show them that you a real person behind the business!

With just a few simple rules to follow, your page can be successful and engaging.  By following this few simple rules you’ll be social on social media.  While these results were on Facebook, all of these tips can be applied to all platforms!  Good luck!

Not sure where to start where business and social media is concerned?  Contact me for a consultation!  

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