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Friday in Franklin County: Active Family Chiropractic – Sheffield

It’s been awhile, I know since we had a new Friday in Franklin County, but I’m super excited to introduce you to Active Family Chiropractic in Sheffield!  I didn’t grow up receiving chiropractic care, but after popping a rib head out several years ago and working with Dr. Hickman in Hampton and a massage therapist, I’m a firm believer now!

In the years since I’ve been to several doctors including Dr. Hickman and Dr. Claussen, who used to have an office in

Active Family

Dr. Trenary’s office in Sheffield

Sheffield.  When Dr. Patrick Trenary opened his chiropractic clinic after Dr. Claussen closed hers, I was hesitant to try anyone new again!  But, now after visiting this unassuming office on mainstreet in Sheffield and having access to a clinic just a half block from my office, which held great appeal, I haven’t looked back!

Dr. Patrick Trenary was an aircraft mechanic in the Marine Corps before he was a chiropractor.  When he left his military life, he knew he didn’t want to pursue that career any longer and a longtime friend of his was going to chiropractor school.  After spending time talking with his friend, it felt like a natural fit to him.  Dr. Trenary says, “When you address issues with the frame, function will return.  When the function returns, the issues that you were having, ie: pain and discomfort, will go away.”  And boy is he right!

Services Offered

Dr. Trenary opened the doors on his clinic in Sheffield in May of 2016.  So, what kinds of services do they offer at

Dr. Patrick Trenary – Source:www.trenarychiro.com

Active Family?  Well, they offer chiropractic and massage therapy.  He utilizes a computerized program called the Insight Suluxation Station.  It is certified and used by the Space Foundation to see how stress is affecting your body.  There are 3 different tests he run.  The first is called a Heart Rate Variability.  The device records your heart rate, skin temperature, and kind conductance over 3 minutes.  This test tells him how well your body relaxes during rest.

The next test in the series is a thermal scan.  This device checks for temperature changes throughout your spine.  If there are warm spots, your body is sending blood to that area to fix it.  Typically, he says this is an organ and gland issue.  The final test he completes is a surface EMG.  This checks for muscle spasms and records how much energy the body is using.  The three tests combined will give him a Core Score and it tells him how well your nervous system is working.   He then can rescan after a certain amount of visits to see how the treatments are working.  And, if none of that is what you’re looking for, you can visit Ashley Stevens, his Massage Therapist.  She joined the office in September of 2016 and has been a wonderful addition! (I’ve had a few massages by Ashley and can attest to this!)

Understanding His Work

When I asked Dr. Trenary what would surprise people about his business, he said that low back pain, neck pain, and headaches are the most common reasons people come into see him.  However, they are usually surprised with everything else that he can help with!  Issue treatment is probably the most common thing in adults.  He said ear infections are the biggest surprise in kids.  Ear infections are more of a plumbing issue and working to get the Eustachian tubes to be able to drain.  Well, he does that very well!  No more infections!

Being a Part of the Community

Dr. Trenary says that Sheffield is a kind and caring community.  The people are very hard-working and down to earth.  He likes the fact that it’s very easy to get involved with the community and school events.  They were in the People in the Park parade last August and were invited to be on the sidelines at football games.  He says the sense of community carries over to the county level as well and he has patients from all over the area.  He said that Franklin County is a great county and everyone has been willing to help!

The Future

So, what does the future hold for Active Family?  Well, he says that he hopes to show the benefits of chiropractic at every age.  He wants to see entire families come into his office.  The idea of chiropractic isn’t to fix a problem once symptoms arise, but it is to keep things from happening and He loves to see entire families in his office!  He can adjust the baby to keep ear infections and colic away.  The other child in school and sports who wants to be at peak performance, the mother who wants to keep from heaving headaches and migraines, along with the father who needs to keep his lower back functioning for work!  So no matter your needs, he can serve them all!

The cozy office at Active Family Chiropractic

My Experience

I personally have experienced chiropractic care at Active Family on all levels.  Not only has he taken care of the issues in my neck that were giving me headaches, he was able to adjust me to stop having pain in my knees when working out, and has helped me start sleeping better!  I’ve seen a whole body benefit to visiting his office in Sheffield every two weeks.

Ready to give Dr. Trenary a try?  His office in Sheffield is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30AM-5PM or stop by his Mason City office on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!

Source: www.trenarychiro.com

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